Fleet owners and drivers alike take advantage of the Everlube Oil Reservoirs installed on their tractors. The reservoirs can be filled at the shop using the same type and brand of oil that is in the engine. Fleet owners take comfort in knowing exactly what kind of oil is being provided for their tractor, and by purchasing the oil in bulk is a substantial savings.

The drivers like the convenience of opening a valve to the oil reservoir tank which easily adds the needed oil instead of having loose bottles and funnels floating in the storage and sleeping compartments. Environmentalists like the idea that the oil cans are not being placed in the landfills and that the oil is not being spilled at the truck stops and rest areas.

Motorhead Garage shows just how simple the Everlube Reservoirs are to install and use. A lot of features and benefits are shown and explained. Semi trucks are just one of the many uses that the pressure tank can be used on.